Date: 15th aug – 17th aug 2013
Distance: 1500 km
Number of riders: 14
Route: New Delhi – Bilaspur – Tirthan valley – Jalori pass – New Delhi

Royal Enfield Bike Trip to Tirthan

Tirthan valley is well renowned for the Great himalyan national park, which is the home for a wide range of birds which are found nowhere else in the world. the entire valley has been declared as a world heritage site because of few herbs that are found only in this valley and nowhere else in the world. these reasons were enough for Royal Bikers to choose it as their ‘Destination Next’ for the ride. A distance of 650 km one side included plains, highways and hills. Had amazing thrill while riding next to the cliffs. Starting the ride early morning, we were going pretty steadily when we encountered  rains which reduced our speed. Making our ways through the mountains we reached the gates of Tirthan valley passing over dam. With practically no roads we made it to our cam after a little trek, located next to the Tirthan river. The camping site was a treat to the eyes. beautifully setup at the riverside.

Next day started with the sound of raging rives flowing besides our tents. Our group got split into two parts, one decided to explore Jaloori pass which was too difficult to pass on the bikes. very steep climb made it very difficult for the riders, but all really well to overcome it. the place was so peaceful and calm that Royal Bikers would love to visit the valley all over again in the future. The other decided to go to a nearby waterfall. The 2km trek to the nearby waterfall was treacherous but taking a dip in the waterfall released all the fatigue from the riders. Freezing water was could not stop us from taking a plunge into the water there. Breathing the clean mountains got us high with freshness and an education short film on the GreatHimalyanNational Park made us city dwellers made us realize the importance of natural resources. Evening bonfire and the pleasure of having trout fish caught by us there was an immense experience.

By: Varun Sharma


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