RANN of Kutch


Date: 02nd aug – 6th oct 2013
Distance: 3000 km
Number of riders: 7
Route: New Delhi – Kishgarh – Chittorgarh – Udaipur – Ahmedabad – Bhuj – Kutch – Udaipur -New Delhi

Royal Enfield Bike Trip to Rann of Kutch

Royal Bikers started their ride early morning on 2nd Oct 2013 with 6 bikers and a Backup vehicle carrying the luggage, Royal Enfield Technician, spare parts and medical things. it was supposed to be a marathon ride hence the number of Bikers reduced to only 6. within the initial 50 kms of the ride, a navy officer riding a thunderbird had an accident and hurt his leg, keeping the rider spirit he got up and carried on with the ride but the bleeding was not stopping so the rider took a detour from NH8 towards the cantonment area of Nasirabad. He got operated there and got a few stitches in the foot,  but still he didn’t gave up and continued with the ride. after travelling 736 kms in 16 hrs they reached their first destination in Udaipur.

Second day they started at 0600 hrs, left towards Ahmedabad. crossing ghandinagar reached ahmedabad well before 1100 hrs, another rider joined in as per plan from Ahmedabad. after the light brunch all the 7 riders left for Bhuj which was supposed to be the destination for the second day. the roads were bad that made it worse for the riders. finally reaching Bhuj around 2300 hrs. travelling 718 kms the riders were happy to reach the destination.

Third day was relaxed they got up late and relaxed in the pool. the destination for the day was Kala Dungar and the Rann of Kutch which is only 80 kms away from the hotel. it was great sight to enter the endless Rann of kutch. spent a few hrs there and then back to the hotel. with only 186 kms of ride in the 3rd day the riders were pretty relaxed, they partied hard to prepare them selves for the journey back.

Fourth day started at 0700 hrs, this time they decided to take the alternate route via Palanpur and Mount Abu. the Ahmedabad rider took another route from the middle way. this route proved to be 122 kms shorter. they reached the destination udaipur one more time travelling a distance of 614 km in 12 hrs.

Final day started at 0600 hrs, it was hot, with a number of stoppages to beat the heat the riders reached KayTee automobiles at 2100 hrs. travelling a distance of 696 kms.

Royal Bikers successfully conquered the Rann of Kutch travelling a distance of 2950 kms in 5 days


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