Question: Are you a only Royal Enfield group?
Answer: Yes, we are focused on only Royal Enfield, all our rides and events are exclusively for Royal Enfield riders.

Question: How can I join?
Answer: You can be a part of our group, just by participating in our events and rides.

Question: What is a ride put on by the club?
Answer: Most rides are on Sunday, some are on Saturday. Check our our events page on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/royalbikers/ or our website for updates on upcoming events and rides.

Question: What is the difference between joining your group and being a member of the group
Answer: You can be a part of the group, just by attending our events and rides while for being a member of the group you need to make a one time payment of INR 2500, in which you will get our group jersey personalized with your name at the back, plus a ID card by which you can avail discounts on servicing of your enfield from the authorized RE workshop i.e. KayTee automobiles, plus you will be a getting a bag full of goodies having personalized RB stuff.

Question: How do I become a member of the group?
Answer: You need to make a one time payment of INR 2500

Question: Do I have to own a RE to join the group?
Answer: NO, owning a RE is not required to be a member. You can be a pillion with a Royal Enfield rider or you can rent a Royal Enfield as well to be a part of our group.

Question: How many people are in a group?
Answer: We have around 3500 active people in our group throughout the country and abroad as well. But we limit people on our rides to maintain decorum.

Question: Is fuel and oil included on your rides?
Answer: NO, all the costs given in our rides are exclusive of fuel. It includes only fooding, accommodation and the services of the Backup vehicle.

Question: Can I bring a pillion rider?
Answer: YES, pillion rider is most welcome, if the rider and the pillion are comfortable, we are very much okay with it.

Question: Is it important to attend the briefing session before the ride.
Answer: Is is recommended and advisable to attend the  briefing session although it is not mandatory. Briefing session is important especially for the first timers, they will be given instructions of how to ride in a group. Moreover it is like a get together to know the fellow riders on the ride.

Question: Are we allowed to consume alcohol or any other drug on the ride?
Answer: NO, under no circumstances a rider should consume any kind of alcohol or any other drug while riding. Riders are free to do so once we reach our destination in the evening. If found doing so, the riders involved will be thrown out of the group there and then. They will be no longer will be a part of our group for the rest of the ride. The group will have no responsibility of such riders.

Question: Do I need to be in time for the ride?
Answer: YES, departure time for the ride will be shared among the fellow riders well before the ride, riders coming late will have to catch up on their own. The group will not wait for anyone without a logical reason.

Question: Will there be a Backup vehicle?
Answer: YES, all our rides are accompanied by a backup vehicle to carry the luggage, spare parts, Royal Enfield technicians and first aid kits etc.

Question: Do I have to stay with the group at all times?
Answer: YES, you need to be a part of the group at all the times and follow the same route following the group leader.

Question: Do I require certain experience to participate in a ride?
Answer: NO, experience is not required as such, if you are comfortable riding your Royal Enfield for 100 km at a stretch then its perfectly fine.

Question: How much luggage can I bring?
Answer: All our rides are accompanied by a backup vehicle, but there is limited storage in the backup vehicle so you need to bring only limited stuff with you.

Questiion: Do I have to wear a helmet?
Answer: YES, a helmet is must all the times for the riders as well as for the pillion riders.

Question: Do I need a motorcycle drivers license to take part in a guided tour?
Answer: YES, a valid motorcycle driver license is mandatory to take part in a ride. But you could always take part in a ride in our backup vehicle that we offer if you do not have a valid motorcycle license. Please ask us about this option.

Question: Can I go in the support van if I get tired?
Answer: As much as we like to accommodate all your need we’d like you to understand that you’re attending a motorcycle ride. The support/backup vehicle is at your courtesy for your baggage and is supposed to carry riders only in an emergency; e.g. severe health problems, accident, breakdown of motorcycle etc.

Question: How many kilometres will I ride per day?
Answer: That totally depends on what kind of destination we are heading to, it can be as less as 150 km a day and can go upto 800 km a day depending upon the level of ride and riders involved in the ride.

Question: Are meals provided in the ride?
Answer: YES, all meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner are included on all our rides.

Question: I have never done a group ride. What do I need to know?
Answer: Group riding is easy and fun but does require that you learn some safety rules and how to ride in staggered formation. We keep a briefing about the ride, a week before the ride to teach everyone how we gonna ride and what rules we gonna follow. It is more like a get together for all the fellow riders to know each other better before the ride.

Question: What documents do I need to join a ride?
Answer: In order to ride with us you should have a valid Drivers License, Registration certificate of your motorcycle, valid  Pollution under control and a valid Insurance of your motorcycle.

Question: What type of rides do you do and how often?
Answer: We try to schedule a breakfast ride on Saturday or Sunday of every month during our prime riding months. Our rides are mostly day rides of different lengths and skill levels. we do a ride with an overnight stay in every two months. We plan at least two big rides in a year of over 10 days. We plan international rides as well.

Question: How long do the rides last?
Answer: Rides vary in length depending on the destination. A ride can last from a few hours to 15 days .

Question: Do you have meetings?
Answer: YES, we keep BYOB (bring your own booze) quite frequently where all riders can come and share their experiences and also give their inputs in planning future rides.

Question: How do I join?
Answer: Come to a BYOB introduce yourself or contact us to join us on a ride.

Question: What are the group Riding Rules and Guidelines?
Answer: following  are the rules which we follow on the rides:

1. The rider in front is responsible for the rider behind him or her. Thus If you cannot see the headlight of the bike behind you slack off until you do. Stop if necessary. This will have a knock-on effect eventually the leader will be stopped.
2. Consider all road-users, all the time and watch your wing mirrors all the time.
3. Never fall behind the sweeper.
4. Always ride in a staggered formation unless conditions make it unsafe to do so, bike number 2 will always be on the left as the leader may move from left to right to try and observe the rest of the riders on occasion. Number 2 must maintain the left hand position to avoid continual weaving behind the leader. You may pass bikes to find ‘your slot’ but try to stick to your position.
5. On passes, ride in single file, never abreast, and give yourself room to react to the bike in front’s antics. Only pass a bike on the right hand side. Faster riders may overtake to enjoy the pass, but must wait on the other side of the pass to regroup.
6. Only the leader and the last rider (sweeper) will ride with high beams, the rest only driving lights.
7. If the group is larger than 10 riders an additional ride marshal will be appointed, if needed the group will be split.
8. We will not exceed the speed limit; going 10km faster per hour in the front in bigger groups will force the tail-enders to ride nearly 30km/h faster to keep up.
9. If you stop to take a photo, the sweeper will also stop and wait.
10. Do not leave the group unless so arranged with the leader and sweeper.
11. Rider briefing will be 10 minutes before we set off, please don’t be late.
12. Please inform the ride captain discreetly if you are on medication or any medical condition that may affect your riding ability (Diabetes and Epilepsy in particular).
13. For longer rides we will leave earlier, not ride faster.
14. Depending on the group size and ride distance we will stop more or less often to break and take photos.
15. Reckless riding will not be tolerated.

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