Date: 24th aug – 26th aug 2012
Distance: 900 km
Number of riders: 15
Route: New Delhi – Ponta sahib – Chakrata – Tiger falls – Robber’s cave – New Delhi 

Royal Enfield Bike Trip to Chakrata

Chakrata is a beautiful place surrounded by hills in the state of Uttarakhand. We went to Chakrata through the Yamnotri route and the route proved to be challenging at times. The place is situated 7000 feet above sea level and after reaching the hills all the bikers forgot all the tiredness and the doubts that were going around in their mind. During the journey first we reached Ponta Sahib, this is a beautiful Gurudwara situated on the banks of a river. Ponta Sahib is around 54 kilometers away from Chakrata when traveled on road. The Yamnotri route is full of scenic beauty and there are many rafting and camping activities going on here.

In this journey we also visited the Tiger falls and Robber’s cave. While going to Chakrata visiting the Tiger falls is a must. The trek near the falls is very challenging while biking around the falls is fun in itself. It proves to be an amazing experience especially when there are huge amount of friends with you. We were very cautious while having fun in the falls. The hill is narrow and steep, it was easy while we went down the hill but it became equally challenging while we were climbing up back to the bike. Then we came across Robber’s cave during our journey. This is a beautiful river cave formation and is more than 600 meters long. This cave has a fort like structure and seems to be divided into two parts. The route was a mixture of smooth roads and uneven roads. At some places it was fun to ride the bike while at some areas the craters made it tremendously difficult to move on the road.

Chakrata is a cantonment town that is controlled by Indian Army. We explored the place during our stay and enjoyed the journey around the hills. It is full of peace and tranquility and people rarely find villages around Chakrata. During our journey we wanted to enjoy the beauty and never tried to over do things during the bike ride.


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