Date: 12th oct – 14th oct 2012
Distance: 1350 km
Number of riders: 18
Route: New Delhi – Bir – Billing – New Delhi

Royal Enfield Bike Trip to Billing

It was my first ever ride with a biker gang.Something I always wanted to  be a part of. The opportunity was given by Royal Bikers to join them on a 645km trip.For a rookie,I was made so comfortable in the group by everyone.It was an early start for the day preceded by a sleepless night due to excitement. So the ride began at 0530 hrs with halts in between at Karnal, Chandigarh, Mandi and finally the destination Bir which was around 15 kms  from Billing.

Billing the the world’s second best location for paragliding which compelled the Royal Bikers to do it. bir billing holds the world paragliding championship every year. Royal Bikers rode to Billing in the month of october. covering over 600kms in a single day that too in a big group was a daunting task. after almost 18 hours of long riding, we reached the site in Bir which is the landing site. the starts were shining so bright, that only its view took all the tiredness from the riders.

The paragliding session next day was like a cherry on the cake, no rider among them will ever forget those 40-45 mins in thin air when they experienced one of the most daring adventure activity in the world. I was eagerly waiting for the next day to come.It was paragliding on the schedule. The thrill of jumping off a cliff and gliding in the sky accompanied my birds can not be explained in words. One must do it and there is no better way to reach a destination like that than on a Royal Enfield. it was a wonderful experience and that added another page into the book of the Adrenaline Junkies.

By: Varun Sharma


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